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Off The Beaten Path: Los Cabos Edition | Los Cabo Hotel

Off The Beaten Path: Los Cabos Edition | Los Cabo Hotel

Say the word “Cabo” at a group dinner and you’ll have no shortage of “epic spring break” stories in response. Yard stick-sized frozen margaritas, mornings-after on the beach without a room key (or SPF), too much tequila that definitely needs to be slammed, not sipped…the list goes on and on. And Cabo has earned itself quite the reputation.

But we’re here to set the record straight. Travel slightly off the badly beaten (maybe even battered) party path and you’ll see what the real Cabo is all about.

With awe-inspiring white sand, coastal cliffs and crystal-clear, azure waters, Los Cabos (aka Cabo’s more official name) lines the southernmost point of the bewitching Baja Peninsula and is engulfed by both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. From next-level swells to romantic rendezvous, you can literally find anything under the sun at one of Los Cabos’ idyllic beach towns — and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

For those who surf

Playa Costa Azul is Los Cabos’ signature surfing beach – it even hosts the World Surf League Annual Open every June. Serious surfers can head straight to the breaks at Zippers and The Rock to ride the more advanced waves while the inexperienced can find their footing at the Middle Break, where there’s also lessons being taught daily. Don’t fret if you prefer to stay on dry land - Costa Azul is made for sunbathing year-round and even offers horseback riding. And don’t sleep on the shrimp tacos at Zipper’s Bar & Grill. Trust us on this one.

Up for a little road-trip? Travel down south about an hour to Los Cerritos Beach, located between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos, where you’ll find ideal surf conditions year-round. Known for its’ Bohemian backpacker vibes, this undercover surfer’s paradise is a favorite of wave chasers worldwide —making it the best place to meet an interesting stranger. Or five. Swing by the Cerritos Beach Club to pick up an umbrella, chair and a few margaritas to set yourself up for a day on the sand. Want to get in on the action? You’ll find plenty of local surf schools and instructors to help you find your sea legs.

P.S. No need to bring your gear with you. We offer a complimentary surf package complete with longboards, Bluetooth speakers and soft racks for your car so you can travel light.

Cerritos Beach

For those who swim

Even though Los Cabos has picture-perfect waters aplenty, most beaches are actually off-limits and unsafe for swimmers — but Chileno Beach is a local favorite for good reason. The calm waters along the hotel are is framed by pristine white-sand beaches that are cleaned every day, making it swimmable AND stunning. Bring your own snorkel gear (Chileno is a no vendor zone!) to experience some of the lushest underwater life this side of the equator – complete with coral reefs, lobsters, stingrays, schools of fish and rock formations that go on for miles. If swimming is more your speed dive into one of the roped-off, dedicated swim zones where all levels of experience are welcome.

For a more family-friendly alternative make sure to check out Palmilla Beach. This mile-long spotless stretch of sand boasts the stillest waters in all of Los Cabos, with waves gentle enough for even the smallest splashers. Start your day early to secure one of the eight shady palapas then spend the day in the water or building sandcastles on the shore – there’s even a small playground near the parking lot for when you need a little beach break. You might be be able to score some fresh-caught seafood from a local fisherman, but there are no actual restaurants on Playa Palmilla, so don’t forget to pack a picnic!

Palmilla beach

For those who fiesta

No trip to “Cabo” is complete without a little debauchery. Head over to Medano Beach to get your fix of margaritas and dance the night away at one of its’ many bars, restaurants and luxury hotels, just proceed with caution during March & April when the resort town becomes spring break central. This central beach has something for everyone – think watersports, shopping, local dining and more – making it the perfect all-day destination. Spend your daylight hours splashing in the warm, clear waters. flexing your core muscles on a rented stand-up paddleboard or bargaining with local artisans for souvenirs, then watch the sun set behind Land’s End and kick off your night of revelry. Pro tip: hydrate accordingly.

two womens chilling

For those who connect

With themselves, or with nature, look no further than Playa Solmar. This cliffside stretch of sand may not be safe for swimming, but its’ postcard worthy scenery more than makes up for it. We love Playa Solmar for some solo, sanctuary time. Take in the epic beachside cliffs and keep an eye out for whales on a long, leisurely stroll or spend hours listening to the waves during your daily meditation session. Solmar is known for its’ Insta feed-worthy sunsets too so don’t leave that portable phone charger in your room.

grand solmar land

For those who romance

We couldn’t forget our lovers on this list, and Los Cabos is home to two of the most swoon-worthy beaches in the world. Playa Del Amor translates to Lover’s Beach and the breathtaking rock formations and aquamarine waves make it almost impossible not to fall in love with it. Accessible only by sea (catch a water taxi at the marina or Medano Beach) this sunny ocean inlet is one of our favorite spots to sunbathe, swim and snorkel. Just remember, there’s no place to change in the middle of the ocean so make sure to wear a bathing suit and throw a light towel in your bag.

Right across the sands of Playa Del Amor is the ironically named Playa Del Divorcio which, yes, means Divorce Beach. The more secluded and private version of the always-crowded Playa Del Amor is also only accessible via water taxi and has minimal facilities or amenities. Playa Del Divorcio features the same stunning rock formations, mesmerizing waters, and sunny stretches of sand ideal for sunbathing conditions but make sure to stay out of the rocky waters.

Playa amor

Looking for more reasons to plan your Los Cabos escape? Shoot us a message and one of our trusted travel advisors will get back to you ASAP. Your next adventure awaits.


  • Does Los Cabos  have a beach? Yes, Los Cabos is home to many beaches, suitable for different needs and interests. 
  • Can you swim in Los Cabos beaches? Swimming is not permitted at all beaches in Los Cabos. Please check local guidelines for swimming regulations, we’ve outlined which beaches you can swim at in our guide above.  
  • Are Los Cabos beaches open? Beaches in Los Cabos are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 
  • Is it safe to swim in Los Cabos? It’s safe to swim in some beaches in Los Cabos - please check the local guidelines or reference our guide above. 
  • Is the water warm enough to swim in Los Cabos? The water temperature ranges from 70*F -83*F depending on the time of year. September is the month with the highest water temperature and it cools progressively until March when it reaches its’ lowest point.



  • Parking: Free parking up a small road to the left of the restaurant - you can also park in the restaurant parking lot with any purchase 
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  • Parking: The parking lot at Casa Dorada is 45 pesos per day and puts you one block from the beach and most of the beach bars. 
  • Dog-friendly 
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