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The 5 Best Things To Do In San Jose Del Cabo

The 5 Best Things To Do In San Jose Del Cabo

We know those who Drift are always looking to take their vacations to the next level, and San Jose Del Cabo is the perfect place to take things up a notch - or five. Yes, this coastal gem is known for its’ pristine beaches but there’s so much more to explore. Art, culture, nature, fine dining…with seemingly endless options it’s almost impossible to decide how to spend your days in Cabo, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the essential guide to Drifting in Los Cabos, so get ready to choose your own adventure.

For the Artistic Types

The famed San Jose Del Cabo Art Walk is a favorite weekly evening activity for locals and tourists alike. Every Thursday from 5-9PM the cobblestone city streets are transformed into a pedestrian-only outdoor gallery for Baja’s finest artisans, complete with wine and cheese. Start in the Gallery District then venture out to the town square, City Hall and Plaza Mijares to explore even more paintings, sculptures and local wares – most of which are for sale. If you’re not in the art market there’s still plenty to enjoy including live music, dancing and local food vendors so it’s the perfect place to start your Thursday in style. Art Walk is a weekly event in the high season – November through June – making it an easy add to anyone’s itinerary.

Artistic Types

For the Rustic Types

Farm-to-table dining is one of the few trends we’re actually on board with, there’s just nothing quite like eating food that’s that fresh. San Jose Del Cabo has an overwhelming amount of farm-to-table options but there are a few stand-outs that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Let’s start with Flora Farms – a recent influencer-favorite that’s probably already flooded your Instagram feed. This 25-acre organic farm does the most – cooking classes, spa days weddings and art classes are just a few of their extensive offerings – all just slightly north of the main stretch of San Jose Del Cabo, in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Spend your day wandering through the property’s flower beds and vegetable gardens, sign up for one of their daily art classes or book back-to-back appointments at the on-site Farm Spa & Salon. Cooking classes are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday so if you want to get the full farm-to-table experience make sure to plan accordingly. 

Flora Farms

Tamarindos is another farm-to-table staple, located just one mile away from the Sea of Cortez. This historic estate was once a 19th century farmhouse for a sugar cane farm, and the original brick building now houses the iconic restaurant and cooking school. The menu boasts authentic Mexican cuisine with a touch of Local-Mediterranean flair and the farm views, stone verandas and wooden ceilings are more than picturesque. Cooking classes are offered daily at 10 and 4 and require reservations in advance – so make sure to contact them to secure your spot. Oh, and don’t forget to ask for a heavy pour of the house-made herbal oil. It’s a Tamarindo top-secret recipe that you’ll never forget. 


On the outskirts of town – and only accessible via dirt road – is Acre Resort, a 25-acre award-winning farm-to-table institution. This self-proclaimed “lush sanctuary” was rated the #3 Sexiest Hotel in The World by Cosmopolitan and its’ restaurant, cocktail bar and on-site treehouses do not disappoint. Finding the restaurant is a bit of a journey in itself – after arriving at the aforementioned dirt road you need to walk through a forest of palm trees designed to keep the property hidden so once you arrive the sleek and stunning architecture takes your breath away. The seasonal menu serves the farm’s finest for the perfect blend of global and local and the mezcal cocktails give the word spirited a whole new meaning.


For the Adventure Type

Adventure and history lovers can’t stay away from The Village of Todos Santos, located just a 1.5 hour drive away from Los Cabos. Founded as a mission town in 1724, the village has transformed into a vibrant spiritual and cultural oasis. The town’s historical significance can’t be denied, and we love the guided downtown tours that explore the city’s evolution from a Jesuit Missionary Town to the bohemian destination it is today. Hiking is another Todos Santos essential activity and local tour groups offer guided eco tours through the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and up to the cliffs and coves in Punta Lobos – you can even go glamping in the mountains or at Isla Espiritu in the Sea of Cortez. Mid-January to early February is prime time to check out the city’s cultural offerings with the annual art and music festivals, but the city’s breathtaking natural attractions are available year-round.

Hotel California

For the Hole-in-One Type

San Jose Del Cabo has quickly become a premier golf destination, with seven of the country’s top fifteen courses located here. The highest ranking of them all is Cabo del Sol which features not one, but two world-class golf courses, one beachside and another on the desert. Members and guests can enjoy the mile-long Cove Club Golf Course, complete with four ocean-front holes while non-members can enjoy the Cabo Del Sol Desert Course where the green fees are $375 USD from January to May. Finish off your day at the hacienda-style clubhouse for a round of drinks with a side of the purest Pacific Ocean views.

Golf Field

FAQ: Things To Do In San Jose Del Cabo

What are the free things to do in Cabo?

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in Cabo without spending anything. If you bring your own gear, you enjoy everything from snorkeling to diving for free in pristine waters. 

Of course—beach walks, sunbathing, hiking, old city exploring, and art admiring in the San Jose Del Cabo art district cost nothing too, and can be enjoyed by everyone!

Is Cabo good for outdoor leisure activities?

Absolutely. Water sports are always a big favorite amongst locals and tourists thanks to Cabo's sweeping long coasts, swimmable beaches, and clear waters.  

Its tropical greenery and nearby mountains make for great hikes, and if you’re really avid about nature, the nature reserve at San Jose’s Estuary is a must-see. 

When is the best time to visit Cabo?

To make the most out of your time in Cabo, visiting in winter and spring will be best. The humidity will be at its lowest, they’ll hardly be rain (and less mosquitos!) while temperatures will be delightfully warm through the night and day. 

When should I avoid outdoor activities in Cabo?

Autumn and later months of summer. Hurricane season happens from August to October, and during the later summer months, it’s not just humidity that can be a bother—tropical storms and mosquitos often keep the tourist crowds away.

What are the most popular fun things to do in Los Cabos?

The Art Walk in San Jose Del Cabo is hands down one of the most popular things to do in Cabo—but within that, the Frank Arnold Gallery is a famous stop. The painter/sculptor opens his gallery (and home!) to people to explore his abstract art and even buy pieces. 

Another popular thing to do in Cabo, Mexico is joining the San Jose Jazz Weekend.  This Los Cabos Jazz Festival 2022 will take place at the end of May, bringing together local and international jazz artists and thousands of attendees.

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